How Life Has Changed Living Aboard

I love living on a sailboat Imagine getting up and having coffee in the cockpit of a boat, and watching seagulls flying by, watching sea lions fishing for breakfast, or watching a pelican land on nearby posts.

The only thing I don’t like about it is having to go down into the salon to do any legal work that needs to be done. Although we say we retired, I still have about 15 cases to finish. Also, because we are tied to Southern California until at least February of next year (that is when our last hearing is currently scheduled, but that could change), I have started making special appearances for other attorneys. So, I’m not exactly retired yet.

But how life has changed! No office, that den of stress and anxiety! Our office is now in the salon of the sailboat, where our computers now sit on the table, back to back. We don’t have to yell down the hall to each other anymore; we’re face to face every day.

After having coffee in the company of sea creatures, either I go to court or down below to work on miscellaneous documents. Then, it’s time for a nap, and then time to take the kayak out to explore nearby marinas and see other creatures.

We no longer find ourselves saying, “What time do you want to go back to the office?” When we stayed on the boat only on weekends, we used to try to get one more night in by staying Sunday night, but that then meant getting up at 5:00 a.m. to be in Santa Ana in time to take the trash cans to the curb.

Another change I had to make was to finally learn how to go paperless. We can fit a lot of stuff on this big boat, but even our boat has limits. I found that all the case files that I brought to the boat just caused an immense amount of clutter, which I find unpleasant. So we have made sure that everything is scanned, and then we moved all the files to the truck that is up in the parking lot. I don’t miss them.

Our cat has changed, too. She was a bit freaked out at first, although not as badly as I thought she would be. But for the first few weeks, she mainly stayed in a cubby she found in the v-berth. She only came out to eat and use her litter box.

Now, although she still likes to hide in the v-berth, she comes out and hangs out in the aft cabin, and she sleeps next to the Captain every night.

She still eyes the water outside the cabin windows with suspicion, and she still refuses to enter the cockpit, but she seems to be adjusting very well.

Change is okay.


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