New Cupboard

In the last post, I said that before we could leave, I would need to create more storage for food. Believe it or not, we actually did it. And we designed and created it ourselves; we didn’t hire anyone to do it for us.

But first, let me give you a bit of history about this big, old boat. The Morgan Out Island was made on the East Coast to be used as a charter boat. This meant that there would be two couples or a family who could use the cabins at the bow and stern of the boat and, hopefully, they would have someone on the boat who could pilot the boat.

A prior owner shortened the settee, which is huge in these boats, in order to install a pilot berth. We decided we didn’t need a pilot berth and so we hired someone to install a large cabinet to hold food and kitchen tools.

I thought it was a good idea because now we don’t have to reach to the back of shelves, or pull stuff off the front to reach what’s in the back. The drawers just roll out.

We still needed additional storage for canning supplies, so we took the forward head, which had a huge space where someone could take a shower, and a second door that was totally useless, and we built a cabinet.

And now I have a place for all the jars that I can. Amazing how many jars I have so far. I can’t get too far back, but there are 7 shelves fitted into this new cabinet with about 20 jars per shelf.

Before we take our next adventure, we plan to attach fiddles to the front of each shelf. That used to be the area where one would stand and take a shower. Here is a picture of the door shut:

On the outside of the door, I mounted a small set of shelves to hold some miscellaneous stuff.

The only cabinets still needed on the boat are in the aft cabin, where we are woefully lacking in cabinets to hold our clothes. More on that to come later.

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