Living/Working on a Sailboat

We bought the property in Arizona as a back-up to our current plan to sail the ocean blue, and we moved most of our crapstuff to Arizona, where scorpions and rattlesnakes rule the sweltering day. This took a total of four (maybe five) weeks and seven (maybe eight) trips to Arizona. We officially closed the office on June 14, 2019.

Since we still have 15 cases to finish, we moved those files and a bunch of office stuff to the boat, office stuff meaning stapler, post-its, tabs, binders, etc. There is a lot of stuff. Boxes of stuff. All over the boat. I may post pictures at some point.

We will work it out. No pun intended. We are happy to be on the boat. Whenever something dismays us, we remind ourselves that “at least we’re on the boat.” There is no obstacle that can overcome that.

Boxes of files are stacked in the V-Berth, along with my suits. I have decided to go paperless, so today I started scanning documents that aren’t already scanned and then creating files on my computer. I’m going to move the boxes of files that have already been scanned up to the Excursion instead of tossing them, just in case I need them at some point.

And then, at the end of the day, I get to take the kayak out and see some interesting critters: