Closing the Office and Moving to Arizona

We decided to retire early because we are tired of the rat race. We had come to a point in our lives where we truly understand what it meant to be a “debt slave.” To have a home, car, vacations, toys, etc., one has to work hard and pay off the debt that comes with those things. This can take an entire lifetime. We are no longer willing to work our entire lives in order to have the things we were convinced we were supposed to have, at the enrichment of others.

Now that the boat is ready to go (almost), and now that we have found an inexpensive piece of land that we could buy outright, we are ready to transition from the office to the boat while we wait to put a mobile home on the land. Our plan is to live on the boat for the next several years while we wait for outstanding receivables to come in to pay for a mobile home. It is our understanding that if we erect a stick-built house, it will cause our property taxes to go up. Most of the lots around us contained mobile homes, so we decided to go the same route.

We gave notice to our landlord where we are renting the office, and then we started packing. We felt that this would have to be done on a piecemeal basis; I still had work to do as I intended to finish the 15 cases that I was working on at the time we made this decision.

We located a storage unit in Wellton where we could store our belongings until we could install a mobile home and storage unit on our land. We decided to pack up everything that was stored in the office attic first and deliver it to the storage unit, which has so far taken three trips to Wellton.

The nice thing about these trips, which take about 6 hours each way, is that we are able to spend the night at the property before going back to California. Although it has drawn comments from two of our new neighbors (“Are you sleeping in your car???”), we have been able to put foam pads down for sleeping in the Excursion we had purchased for the purpose of moving small loads. This saved us the expense of renting a motel room.

This also gave us a chance to become familiar with the wildlife in the area. By the end of each day, after we were done emptying the trailer, we put our lawn chairs outside the Excursion and watch the sunset from our property, at which time we observe small bats flitting about looking for insects on which to dine.

As the evening grew darker, we would hear unfamiliar noises such as a nearby bird who screams like a woman being murdered, coyotes howling in the distance, and a multitude of doves cooing from the abundant mesquite trees in which they built their nests.

Plus, these weekends gave us a chance to drive around and visit our new home state. When driving down the freeways of Arizona, it doesn’t seem like there is much to see. There is desert, or mountains, or crops to be seen. But when you start driving down the back roads, you will find a variety of lakes where you can fish, or you can take a boat down the Colorado River. And there are lots of irrigation channels in which you can fish, too.


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