Countdown to Cutting the Lines

Newmark’s Yacht Centre at Sunset

The picture, above, is of the marina where we keep our boat.  We have lived on it part-time since 2010, in this marina, but now we are getting close to cutting the ties that keep us here.  We are going to retire by July 1, 2018 and start sailing around the world.  

The plan is to shut the office down after the first of the year, finish working on the pending cases from the boat, and then (fingers crossed) leave by July 1st for the South Pacific and then Mexico, which we plan to explore over the next 10 years.

That has been the goal since 2008, when we bought our first sailboat, a 26-foot Columbia, on which we learned to sail.  A year later, we moved up to a 30-foot Harstad, and then a year after that, we moved up to a 36-foot Columbia. 

We are still working on the final version of the vessel that is going to take us to our adventures:  our 1976 Morgan Out Island 41.  

The Morgan, named “Sail Before Sunset,” was a wreck when we purchased her in 2015.  We have put a lot of man-hours into her, and we are now getting close to finishing the work (which I will post more about later).  By the time July 2019 gets here, we will be cutting our lines to the docks and heading out.  

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