• The engine should come out the aft companion way (the opening is wider and longer). Its an easier move too. We did that this spring. We disassembled the old Perkins 4-154 down to the point where it was just a block (much lighter to move that way) We removed the aft bulkhead where the ladder is and a portion of the side bulkhead forward to the engine room opening. We then rigged up a piece of 1.5″ pipe (sched 40 black pipe) and lifted the block up and slid it back to the landing where the ladder rests. Then you can have a crane lift the engine up and out.

    • Hi, Pierre! I’m assuming you have a similar style boat. I have a feeling I’ve seen you in another forum. The Captain says that we have a big door behind the front companion way steps that will facilitate the engine being slid out into the saloon, and then hoisted up through the forward companion way. This way, we won’t have to cut out the bulkhead. We’re about to get the new engine, so I suppose we shall find out what the mechanic has to say about that. 🙂

  • The second door on the forward head also functions as the privacy door to seperate the forward cabin from the main cabin. there should be a sliding bolt at the top of the door that engages with the door frame in the hallway.

    • Thank you for the explanation. We’ve always thought that the extra door was just unnecessary until now.

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