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Sail Before Sunset at Catalina Island in March 2015
Sail Before Sunset, Catalina Island, March 2015

I have created this blog as a place to post about my trials and errors growing plants/food, canning, dehydrating, decorating, storing, and provisioning, for long-distance cruising on a sailboat.

The Captain and I began learning how to sail around 2009, starting with a small sailboat known as a Columbia 26.  We bought and sold our way up to a 1976 Morgan Out Island 41, which we purchased in March of 2015.  Her name is “Sail Before Sunset,” and she is our final home.

We plan to retire on Sail Before Sunset in about 2 1/2 years.  In the meantime, while we are working on restoring the boat to her former glory, I am learning about long-term food storage, fishing, organizing, and other categories related to living on a sailboat, so that when we leave to sail around the world, we are as self-sufficient as possible.

Follow me and see what I learn about being self-sufficient on a sailboat.  I intend to post my successes as well as my failures.  I hope that as you follow along, you might be able to make suggestions on how to make life easier, or point out how I can do things better.


  • I look forward to following your successes and what you learn along the way. Once you set sail, if things get real crazy I may have the coast guard drop me on to your S/V.

    Wishing you and the Captain and dog Friday the best, and safest journey and nothing but fun and love along the way.

    • Thanks, sis! When we hit an island where there’s an airport, we’ll let you know. Maybe you and Spike can fly out and stay with us at night and sight see during the day. 😀

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