Introducing S/V Sail Before Sunset

Morgan 41 circa 1990
1976 Morgan 41 circa 1990

Sail Before Sunset (“the Boat”) is a 1976 Morgan Out Island 41.  In other words, it’s a 41 foot sailboat.  It was built by Charlie Morgan Yachts on the East Coast for those who wanted to comfortably cruise the Caribbean.

The Boat IS comfortable.  It’s 41 feet long, and about 14 feet wide.  It has two cabins, one in the front called the v-berth, and one in the back called the aft-cabin.  There are two bathrooms, one connected to each cabin.

In the center of the boat is the galley, which is like a small apartment- sized kitchen.  A comfortable u-shaped bench with cushions around the table, various drawers for food storage and storage of dishes and utensils, a stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer, and a sink.

This is a very heavy, blue-water boat.  She weighs 15 tons, and she has a full shoal keel with a 4.5 foot draft.  This means that she turns like a Mack truck but she’s very steady, and she can go into shallower waters than other sailboats with standard keels.

We don’t have pictures of her from when she was new, but we do have pictures of her when we bought her in February/March of 2015.

Coming soon:  the disaster that was our boat when we bought her.

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